Movement and physikobject

I want to create a multiplayer game. I wanted to change the character to physics (capsule component), but that could not be replicated because the physics is calculated per frame. now I have to work with the movement. Nevertheless, the objects should be moved by physics. the mass of objects are ignored by the character. they will be swept away like paper. How can I use the movement to calculate the mass? For example, I run against a physic object that weighs 100kg and my character is 20kg. now the character of this object would push away without obstacle. Normally this object would be able to be moved with only a lot of force.

It is possible to smoothly replicate physics movements but it requires some good programming skills and I don’t want to try it right now. Differences in frame rates will mean that the slowest computer involved will make the physics object move that as slowly for all machines as it does on the slowest computer and “reset” the velocity a lot if the framrate is less than 30fps on the slowest machine.

All that aside I have seen some people successfully replicate smooth physics motion but I don’t know how.

Anyway for applying Force duruing physics collsions, there is an option which allows you to ignore the mass, a checkbox I think. Then in the Blueprints you can just set how much force you want to apply, depending on the situation, and also override current acceleration if you want (makes it very easy to push things as if the force was a lot bigger) and you can tick or untick that option in the apply force blueprint node.