Movement according to location of mouse on screen


I’m trying to make a spaceship (also the player) to move continuously according to the location of the mouse on screen using blueprints.
For example, when the crosshair in on the top middle of the screen the spaceship will continuously pitch upwards, same goes to the yaw.
They did the same in Everspace (

Thanks for any help

EDIT: Oh you are looking for a way to steer your spaceship. Well then you need a 3D space based movement input. I think you can just copy the one from the blueprint demos, the one where you steer a little UFO and beam up cows.

Thats quite easy. Simply get your screen size and calculate the mouse position from the center of the screen as a percentage. So anything between the middle and the right edge is in range from 0 to 1. Same goes for all other directions. Then use the percentage value as a multiplier for your horizontal/vertical movement.
I did this for one of my prototypes and it works perfect!
You can even define dead zones so very small movements or a small zone near the center of the screen doesn’t generate input. (I.e. if the percentage is below 0.1 do not generate movement input!)

I’ll checkout my prototype, I can post the BP if anyone wants it.

Hey I’m still interested in this! Is it still possible for you to post your BP? Thanks!