MoveIt! Multiplayer Locomotion System

MoveIt! is a semi-procedural locomotion system for Unreal Engine 4 featuring full network replication and easy integration.

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  • Full network prediction and replication
  • Easy to integrate, easy to work with
  • Clean and efficient multi-threaded animation
  • Procedural strafing
  • Pivoting
  • Procedural Foot IK and floor orientation
  • Procedural gait
  • Semi-procedural jumping & landing
  • Turn in place
  • Sprinting
  • Procedural ducking (under obstacles)
  • Incline adjustment
  • Impacts with walls, scuffing walls, impact with other characters
  • Surface impacts (procedural footstep system that works with any bone)
  • Regular third person movement mode & cycled movement mode (see feature overview video)
  • View Component with camera blending and character state transitions
  • Procedural Look Targets
  • Twitch Bones (procedural hit reaction)
  • Weapon adjustment (weapon and offhand placement)

MoveIt! has gone through some significant updates. Check out the new feature overview video above! Full changelog available here and we’re only just getting started :wink: