Moveing Assets

when in the content browser it would be nice to have a option to move assets as well as moving stuff around to keep it more neat and essay to find stuff
moving a static mesh, when the textures are in anther folder it give you the option to move its assets to that folders as well.
also a option to “hide” Assets so when your searching for stuff, so your not scrolling down endlessly
e.g I don’t need to see all the normal maps for every object all the time. and even most martials I only need to see once, but some I want to see all the time. of corse make a option to “see all Assets” and “search hidden objects” as well

if i’m just stupid and you can do that all ready could you let me know, I am aware that you can filter what you can see but it doesn’t held all the time

hi, I’ve never had a problem moving stuff around, just select what you want & drag it where you want it, is all I do.

top of the content browser you can just select then create new folder, just make sure you have the ‘game’ folder selected or whichever folder you want the new one, then drag stuff into it as you please. this should help with organization.

I see you are already aware of the search, although I don’t use it much. I thought it remembered what you had in the search field, unless you close the editor though?

(all this applies to working within the editor itself, moving things outside the editor is just plain bad, it loses it’s references I believe. if moving to another project just use right-click then migrate)

and if you’re stupid then you are in good company here, bud. with all this to learn, even if you’re skilled in one area there is always something new to learn &/or something new coming out in the newest release, like 4.6 for instance. so you’re not alone there. :wink:

it’s not a problem with moving the assets, I think the way you find assets can get messy