[MOVED] Iron Sights not staying upright?

Iron Sights not staying upright?

01-18-2021, 05:07 PM
I am having some difficulty figuring out why my iron sights are not, iron-like.

I am doing it how I remember.

I have done it like this before but for some reason when i set the bool to true, it works, but whenever my character moves the iron sights stays, but the whole upper body is moving too and leaning forward and shaking all about…

If My character stands still it is fine, but once speed is increased it starts to lean forward (following the bone of the running animation) I tried the upper body slot vs default slot. and nothing.

can anyone pinpoint where i am failing? I just cant figuring it out…

Solved it somehow ( I HOPE) I had to set my blend depth to 1… It used to work on 3 or 4. ::SHURG::

Can Someone Please help? My anxiety is starting to go through the roof. This doesn’t make sense…

Here is a video that explains what I am experiencing:

Again i THINK I solved it.

Since i felt that the animation state was causing conflict, I put the bone blend IN the Rifle Equipped state, and it seems to be working again LOL