Moved from 4.14 to 4.15 blank screen

I’ve been working on a simple 2d side scroller game (my first one) so just been getting to grips with the engine. Everything was working fine, I made changes to background and added a HUD and working game flow.

I then upgraded to 4.15 to take advantage of the ‘blur’ feature that’s been added. After making a copy for 4.15 and loading it up I go to try it out and blank screen.

Well… not completely blank. All of my HUD gets drawn and any pop-up message I had in that blueprint. However my character, background and any other items are no longer showing. It’s just a black screen which is very odd.

Do I have to change any settings when moving from another version to 4.15? do I have to fiddle with any lighting settings? camera settings? This is the only thing I can think of as like I say anything I “draw” to the screen from my HUD works fine.

This solved it :slight_smile: