Moved Folders out of Starter Content

So, I wanted to sort my folders a bit, bad idea. I moved almost everything out of the Starter Content Folder and the game got all messed up. Objects did not recognize each other and textures stopped working. So, I thought I would just move everything back to Starter Content. This did not work either. Because now, Some things moved back but others did not, and I cannot move those separately. Is this a bug in UE4 or is it something I’m not aware of. I have not been working with Unreal for very long, this is my first project.

Thankful for help

Can you still create new projects?
If you can you can use a second project with a similar base to try and figure out what is wrong. Ive lost count of how many times I messed up a project and its folders and had to start again or ‘dig around’ for just what the heck it was that i messed up.
I’m still a newbie myself.