"MoveComponentTo" node works to move the player but does not rotate the player. What node do I use instead?

I’ve tried a lot of ideas and tried a lot of things I’ve found online but so far nothing is working. I have the player overlap a collision box in a blueprint and it drags the player just fine to the center of the blueprint, but does not rotate him. How do I set it up so as he is moving, he is rotating to an angle I choose during the same duration? Thanks much.

There are two ways to implement this:

Use a Timeline that has a curve that transition from 0 to 1 over a certain amount of seconds, then plug the output of the curve to Vector Lerp, then set the rotation of that actor to the output of that Lerp. What would happen is that it will smoothly transition from one angle to another:

The other way to do this RInterp, and here’s how you implement it: