MoveComponentTo does not fire collision events

I am playing arround with a dungeon crawel like game where I want to move the player like a pan on a chess game by an exact number of units in a raster.

Therefore I use the “MoveComponentTo” method in my blueprints to move my character.
I did not find out, why no collision/overlapping events are fired during the move of the character.

You mean in the character component or the walls?

It’s activated.You can see my character capsule settings in this screenshot.

Do you have the ‘generate overlap events’ and ‘generate hit events’ toggled on in the component properties?

In whichever object you want to generate collision events.

And the capsule component’s overlap event in your character’s blueprint aren’t firing?

Exactly. If i push the player by force, then everything is ok and the player is blocked by the walls. Therefore I know that it’s a matter of the ‘moveComponentTo’ But this method is not good for me because I need to move the player exactly 200 units into any direction.

Do you have any Idea how I can make sure the player does not leave the grid?

I’d suggest using a timeline. On the update, move the character in the appropriate direction with a regular SetActorLocation (or component, whatever) with sweep enabled. Check if there’s a blocking hit and stop the timer if there is.

Using a timeline and lerping into position solved the problem for me… I will post the solution soon. Thank you for your help!

Another hint for anyone who wants to achieve exact control of the movement of something via a timeline:

Make sure that you checked the “Use Last Keyframe?” checkbox. Otherwise you will see odd results. I lost some hours of livetime on this.