Move Up, but not fly, just move up, down, like walk

Please, the only way I can do that is setting MODE_Flying, but is not what I really want, I want is to fly just like i walk, freely… Can anyone to give me a clue?


That’s an easy fix :stuck_out_tongue: ! As you have the controls set up to move the character in the x and y axis, also have a control that performs movement in the z axis, although I can’t confirm to give the specifics, it should work by getting the upwards direction of your character and then having a movement component move the character in that direction. Good luck!

I’d also be interested in this if it’s possible as there are features of the way walk/falling movement works that I would like to maintain (e.g. fly seems to remove the nice ‘lag’ when coming to a stop with no input).

Thanks Vishahan, I already do this, but only can move right and left, when I try to go up, nothing happens… :frowning:

do you have a force opposing the gravity?

Hey Gabriel,

You may get the answer you’re looking for here:

That project uses Paper 2D, but this would work with any project if that’s what you’re looking to achieve. Keep in mind that the animation for your character will act as if it is in the air, and you may need to adjust the settings for your animations.

Hope that helps! If not, please describe with more detail what type of project you’re trying to create and whether you’re using Paper 2D.