Move up and down in a 3D side scroller

Hello, Apologizes if this is completely obvious but I can’t seem to move my character up or down in a 3D side scroller project. I can jump but I want him to essentially move towards the top of the screen when pressing W. I added a Axis Mapping called MoveUp mapped it to W with a scale of 1.0. I also disabled Constrain to Plane. I then added in the Event Graph InputAxis MoveUp connected it to Add Movement Input and it just doesn’t even seem to be registering that i pressed W. am I missing something?

Hey @DrFreeman23, welcome back to the forums! So looks like you’re using the base character controller. It’s got a method to allow flying, just requires a couple of things to get set up. So first off let’s enable the character’s ability to fly under the character movement component here.


After that, we’re going to need to do exactly what you’ve in place there, but I do a bit more in mine so that the player can return to running on the ground after the fact. (So my button is a button and not axis but the idea is the same)

So basically when I press the button it changes his mode to flying, then lets him go up. When I release, his movement type is set back to walking and he begins falling to the ground and able to move like normal. Let me know if you have any questions!

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