Move up and down an Actor

Hello everybody!
Friday i start play and learn with unreal engane and i had done a tutorial where i did a simple 2D sample.
Now i’m working on it to make an Actor to go up and down while the game runs. But i don’t know what i have to use to make this happens.

See the plataform on the image below.


I used the blueprint below but the plataform movement is only in one direction.

Marchiore, check out the learn tab inside Unreal launcher, there are 2d sidescroller examples. Also there is a sidescroller preset, which should come with all the movement setup already, are you using this?

Ok, i’ll see it when i get home.
Thanks unit23!!

I didn’t find it.
Can you send me the link please?

When you go to the UNREAL LAUNCHER, then click the LEARN tab then scroll down to SWING NINJA (for instance). There is no link, you have to downlaod and run the project.