Move trolley/ cart in Unreal VR

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build small VR application. In this game you should push a trolley to another position.
At first I tried to do this with a pickupcube, but thats to simple. Here is the trolley just attached to the motion controller/ hand. Want I want is that you still grab the trolley and after that you are just able to move it in x/y axis but it should look like its grabbed by the pawn.

I tried it like this, if you grab the physic actor it gets the position of it and attach it to the vr origin. Now it should move with the vr pawn, while moving around an detach when drop is called. But it doesnt work. The object just keeps position at the pawn while teleporting around.

I also thougt to make it pushable like in the Cube Push Puzzle (youtube)

Do you have other ideas or best practices.