"Move to" not working

I have a simple move to actor function on key press, but when im pressing the key the character is not moving.

i see that it is actually doing something when i press e but the character is not moving to the cashier which is the one i circled.

I tried using the move to actor node in other projects and it works but not in this one.
Also in the other project i did not create a new level where in this one, i created a new level, then dropped a first person character, does this have to do with why it does not work ?

wow, how stupid of me -.- . Thank you.

ehm , i added the nav mesh, but somehow i is broken when it is applied to the stairs i made. can i adjust the nav mesh ?

Yes you can adjust the nav mesh and some other things on the AI pawn to make certain heights of steps be considered as navigable and therefore be covered by the navmesh

I adjusted the nav mesh to fit the whole building, but on some of the stairs, it breaks. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

do you have a nav mesh volume in your level? without that nothing nav based will work.

id say either your steps are too steep or not wide enough for the basic navigation. i know theres a way to modify the values used and the precision when building navigation but i dont remember how to do it. sorry. you may want to try posting another question about this or just modify your meshes (well bps brushes based on the look of it)

Oh, yeah they seem too steep. well thank you again. i will try to find a way