Move to location with animation.

Hi, noob to UE4. I want to make the UE4 mannequin walk from a to b when i press the F key. When i do, it moves but stays as it is with no leg or arm movement. It slides with its arms open wide.
Here is my level blueprint. Can anyone tell me how to make the mannequin animated. I thought it would just walk instead of floating. I thought the movements where already inherited. How do i activate them in a scene?

Try Move To, not Simple Move To, and does the character have an anim blueprint?

I am using the 3rd person character in a VR map and trying to make them move. There is a character blueprint. I used make new blueprint class and character then dragged the manequin into it. Saved it then made the flow chart above. If i try just “move to” i get errors. How do i create animation blueprint please? The character does seam to have animations such as walk run jump etc. It also has materials textures and mesh. I am trying to upload pictures but this website is saying file size too big. Sorry.

Here are the characters animations, but no blueprint.

Hi, I did it !!! Thankyou. All i needed was an animation blueprint and now he moves on the spot while standing and when i press F he runs across the screen. You are a life saver.

That’s awesome, well done!:cool: