Move to Location not Working

After i spawn my Actor in a other BP he dident move to the Tree.
i placed 3 trees on the map i think this is the problem but i am not sure.

Thanks for your Help!

Yes this is not the problem.

A lot of different things could be preventing this from working–do you have a navmesh setup across the landscape where your trees and actors are?

Since you are thinking about the 3 trees as problem, have you tried placing only 1 and check if it works?

Try calling “Move to” function multiple times(you don’t need to call it multiple time, but just for testing).

Sometimes, the actor is stack with something, and the first call cannot move the actor.

If that is the problem, check surrounding actors’ collisions.
try other things, call “Set Default Controller” function, or check actor controller settings and set auto possess on begin play.