Move to Location - Movement Reset :(


I’m currently working on a Racing Game and I have already created a very basic AI Blueprint. (not for wheeled AI cars, just a very basic movement) I let the AI drive through the track via path nodes and all works very well. The only problem is, that the AI stops for a moment, like 0.5 seconds, when it reaches a path node before moving to the next node, which makes everything look a lil bit unrealistic.

My question: Is there a way to deactivate the movement reset of the ‘Move to Location’ / ‘Move to Actor’ function? or how can i use the ‘Move to Location’ funtion only 1 time and constantly update the Desired Path Node the AI should move to.

here is the Blueprint of the AI Controller:

I haven’t tested this myself, but I think the halting would stop if you change the target vector before the vector is reached. What i would do is set two vectors, the close target and the far target. When you get close to the close target (before the slowdown/halt starts), set the close vector to be equal to the far vector and then choose a new point for the far vector. This will constantly give you an updated option. Alternatively, if you have points that the actor moves to choose the next two points and follow a similar pattern, the important part is to always change the target before any halting is able to occur.

thx for the quick reply. The problem was that the Acceptance Radius in the Move to Location function was to high and that caused the halting of the AI. Now everything works perfectly. Thread can be closed.