Move to location, how do I stop the actor from pausing when given a new move order?

I am using the “Move to Location or Actor” for my top down styled game with moving pawns. Whenever I click a new location, especially repeatedly the pawn pauses before moving to the new location. This may seem minor but it is a huge hit to the feel of the game where the movement should be fluid. Any help would be appreciated!!

No I am just using the “Move to location or Actor” when I click while the pawn is moving it sort of stutters before moving to new direction. It is really pronounced if I click rapidly, even on the same spot. This doesn’t happen when I use “simple move to”

I have attached the movement logic. To be clear, this works well unless I click multiple times then the character pauses(or stutters) a bit before going to the new location. Even if that new location is the same one. I want to use Move to location or Actor over simple move so I can make use of the Filter Query for NavModifiers. Thank you for responding!

I am using a navmesh. The nav mesh is the same size as the top down starter area. So extremely small.

Question, when the pawn is already in movement, are you stopping him and then moving him to the new location?

I wonder if that could help you, as it might avoid an internal calculation to decide to cancel current action.

If you are not checking that, try first to add the “stopMovement” method to see if it helps.

Let me know.

Can you try that? stop first the movement and then move to the new location. I was aware that simple move to works better from another posts as well.

I was thinking also… I’m assuming you are using navigation mesh. How big or complex is your level? Greater than 1000x1000? Did you try if this happens in a smaller level?

Hey I did that and it still stutter steps when I click same location over and over again. The character moves to it, but briefly stutters before going forward.

Have solution for this ? Have the same problem.

Hey! Have you by any chance fixed the problem? It seems like its still a problem in 4.26. Thanks!