Move texture with mouse y input

Dear develpers

I like to make a texture move with mouse input
I like to work with material instance (so it updates instantly)

kindly regards

You can use a Panner node inside your material, drive it through 2 parameters which you can then update in your Material Instance at runtime.

From the Panner node documentation:


Takes in a value used to determine the current panning position. This is usually a Time expression to provide a constant panning effect, but a Constant or Scalar Parameter can be used as well to set a specific offset or to control the panning through Matinee or Blueprints.

Sure, no problem. Yes, I think I understand what the OP is asking and it works also with a Panner, so I fully confirm my answer above.

With a Panner you just have to use Time as a parameter so you can set it through the Material Instance. As you change Time in relation to the mouse movement, the texture pans accordingly.

As usual in UE4 there are multiple ways to do things.

I hooked up a value to time before (and now again) but it does absolutely nothing. Does it really work on your end? Your image does not really show it working. Or am I missing something obvious?

My texture remains as is, no matter what value I feed it. I also tried it with Shared: Wrap/Clamp.

edit: when applying logic here - you’re providing a single param - so which direction are you panning then? How would that even work?

edit2: I got it to work but not as you’ve shown at all - this would do nothing, unfortunately. You cannot change the Time parameter - it has to remain constant. And only then you adjust the coordinates in the panner. Kind of an over-engineered solution unless you want both manual UV shifting and the animation.

edit3: Ok, I take the Edit2 back. You can use Time to shift it around but you need to punch in the coords first. This works.

I deleted my initial comment and then I think you commented on it so now nothing shows up. (I have it the e-mail, though) :expressionless:
So how would you set up a panner to offset a texture by a constant value without animating it? Because I think that’s what OP needs - to drive it only by a parameter.

I’d normally just offset it like this:

You set the panning direction through the Speed properties in the Panner. You can also parametrize them if needed.

I got it to work the way I was expecting it to but it offers no advantages over the method I suggested and needs 1 extra param to work and a panner node to boot.

Thanks for the input, at least I understand the versatility of the panner - that’s gonna be useful at some point! I guess you can pack it all in a v4 and just go with that.

Thanks again.