Move state machine transition rules?

Hi I’ve been working on some state machine animation stuff and wanted to know if there’s a way to move a transition rule from one node to another rather than have to recreate them. I didn’t see anything about moving transition rules on this page of the docs. Transition Rules | Unreal Engine Documentation

Here’s 2 images to better explain what I’m trying to do. The first image is before and the second image is what the graph would look like if I knew how to move transition rules.

Hey, did you find out if there’s a way? I have a state with 6 transitions I need to move to another and it’s kind of a pain if i have to re-create them all.

Yeah I’m also curious about this as it would help with work flow

I’m wondering this as well.

Did you guys ever figure this out, I also would like to know.

In the same boat, there has got to be a way to do this.