Move\Spawn actor to specified level

Hello! i’m trying to make a script that moves spawned actor to another level, and by so far with no luck.
There are some methods that do something similar, but only for Streaming Levels -




, and on the other hand, 20tab has the method to move selected actor to ANY level by specifying its path - doesn’t matter is it streaming level or not

 level_path = '/Game/Maps/world/some_level'
loading_class = ue.find_class('World')
level = ue.load_object(loading_class, level_path)

So, is there any way to achieve the same functionality with ue4 native python plugin?

i need to call PersistentLevel on loaded_object(specific_level) - well, my guess is that logic will be the same, but how to do it in epic’s plugin? How to get the Level object, from specified asset path?
unreal.GameplayStatics.get_streaming_level(level_world, level_name) works only for streaming levels

ok, is there any way to get Level object from Map(World) asset?