Move several cubes with a single key press

Hi Guys,

I have a simple question. I have made a tank out of simple cubes, around 200 in total. I have grouped them to “ChainLeft”, “ChainRight”, “Chassies” and so on.

I can move a single cube with the “Input Key event” and “AddActorLocation offset”. But when i drag the whole group to BP the every box is an actor which I have add the local offset…

How can I keep all cubes of the left chain as 1 actor in BP? How to stick 2 or mor boxes together so that they will handeld as on actor (physics and so on)



Hi Alpa1981,

Try building each object that you would like to have moving (base of the tank, turret, etc) in their own blueprint. Then create a master blueprint that uses the other blueprints as ChildActorComponents.