Move, Rotate controllers help.

Hail !

My English is not the best, i’ll try my best to explain.

Is there any way to “attach” an object to another and control it over the object surface ? (Like the select and place tool in 3DMax).

e.g. I have a ball and want to add a box on it, so i pick the box put it on the ball surface and allow some control to it, like move around the ball, rotate the box, scale … but keeping the box on the ball surface.

EDIT: Here a video i recorded on 3DMAX, want to know if its possible to replicate it in UE4, using only blueprints.


This should be able to be done using a ‘Spawn Decal Attached’ node, a decal is a way to display things such as blood splatters, stickers, etc… onto other objects. Personally I haven’t used this node, but it should be what you are looking for.

Ah sorry, the decal thing was just an example.
In my app, i’ll use mesh objects, some teeth, and brackets … its an orthodontic presentation app.

I’ll check this node and see if its support a mesh to mesh. Thanks.

I don’t quite understand, will the decal not work for you?

I looking at this node right now, and looks like it accept only material reference as decals, not mesh objects.