Move/Rotate BP Actor on key press (SOLVED)

Hey guys,
I’m desperately trying to control a BP Actor movement and rotation on key press a bit like for a Character but I can’t figure this out.
For some specific reasons too long to explain here it cannot be a Pawn or Character BP, it has to be an Actor.
I’d also prefer to have smooth movement with something like the Axis Mapping instead of just Action Mapping kind of control.
Movement I need are moving left/right, move up/down, rotate left/right (Yaw) and rotate up/down (pitch).
Seems very easy to do but I can’t get it to work. :o
Any idea?
Thanks a lot !!!

Never mind… That was indeed super easy… I just had to post the question to find the answer myself :rolleyes:

Here is how I got it to work just in case someone else needs it :smiley: