Move project to new computer - "Different version of Unreal" problem

There are many questions about moving projects between computers but I haven’t found a reference to it generating a message “The project was made with a different version of the Unreal Engine”.

The version installed is 4.8.1 on the old computer and the new computer so there shouldn’t be a version conflict.

So all I have done is to move the entire “Unreal Projects” from the My Documents folder to the same location on the new computer. The versions of Windows are exactly the same on each computer and the hardware configuration is also exactly the same. I know this seems strange but this is a school environment with multiple computers and I can’t always get back to the same machine. The project always works on the old computer so it appears as if something isn’t being moved between the computers when copying the contents of My Documents

All help appreciated. Thanks.

Try opening a copy/clone of it, leaving the original untouched (i.e. do the same thing you would when you open an old project with a newer version of the engine). You should be okay with the new copy.