Move player view to matinee/camera anim start position

So, I did a search and didn’t find anything, so I’m sorry if this has been answered before.

I have a matinee sequence of just a few keyframes of a first person view of sitting in a chair. I have a trigger volume behind the chair.

The matinee sequence starts a little bit to the left and forward of the trigger, just next to the chair.

I would like to, on triggering the brush, have the view of the character slide into the starting position for the matinee sequence so it appears that upon trigger, the character is being controlled by the game while he does the first person view of a sitting animation.

I also have a camera anim with the same keyframes in case I need to use that for some reason instead of matinee.

Also, is there a way to hold a matinee sequence on the last keyframe until a certain event so the view is frozen until released?