Move player through 'cutscene' and then enable movement


I’ve run into a bit of a stumbling block. I’m still learning UE4, so forgive me if I’m making newbie mistakes with my blueprints.

Currently, I have an animated cube from Maya (as a standin for a camera) which I am using to move the player camera through a scene. The blueprints for the pawn that controls all of this is as follows:

The script calls an animation on the cube, which moves through the scene. After 12 seconds, its meant to allow the player to control the pawn. Except this doesn’t seem to happen.

Is there a better way to go about what I’m trying to achieve? The relationship between playerController and the various pawns is confusing at best, and doesn’t seem to do anything when I force the PC to possess a different pawn through the level Blueprint.

Okay, I’ve managed to solve this problem.

Basically - level starts, and creates a PC, which then possesses the moving camera pawn. Once that animation is finished, a new free-roaming pawn is created at the same point in space as the camera socket was when it finished its animation.

PS: Is there a better way to trigger an event on animation-end? At the moment, I’m using a pretty hacky way of doing things (a Delay node with the same runtime as the animation), and it doesn’t feel very scalable.

Just when I thought I had it fixed…

It turns out when the ‘free-roam’ pawn gets possessed, it doesn’t seem to be able to translate around, only free-look rotation. What am I missing?

Here’s his BP:

Hey Crow,

What is it you are trying to achieve, is it just moving the player character in a cutscene then enabling input for the player after the cutscene?


For this project, we have an on-rails introduction camera move, after which the ‘player’ is free to move around the scene as they choose.

I have about same (when i run game i got cut-scene then i can control character), so i do next. i create cut-scene with matinee, i have next logic: block character control, then start play matinee, then unblock. See attach how i block. Hope it’s help you.9389791cca9a34b7e4f4e8d924062ce8d0dc286c.jpeg

Still no luck getting this working. And annoyingly, since adding in this sequence, running the game fullscreen with a Rift plugged in causes an instant crash. Quite frustrating.

Not sure if this is what you are after but here’s how I am doing it currently:

My MatineeActor controls the camera movement and fires an Event which moves my player in the scene.

My Level Blueprint starts the Matinee and waits for the key to move my player to a target point I’ve placed in my level. When the Matinee is finished I reset the things I turned off when the Matinee started and the player has control again.

If there are other specifics you are after, let us know what it is you want to do and we’ll try to help.