Move Player Pawn


Im trying to move a playerPawn to a location (staticMeshActor) on a click event.
right now i set the position with a “SetActorLocation” function, but i try to have a tracking shot to the location, which seems like impossible with this node.

I also tried the Simple “MoveToActor/Location” but i cant get it work.

Try to use a timeline like this one (but replace lerp rotator by lerp vector and maybe use play from start instead of play, depending on your event) :


Thank you for your answer

What is the Lid and the rotatelid node in your blueprint
sorry im new in unreal

This is the timeline (right click in event graph, go down : add timeline) Here is the complete post from Tim Hobson : don’t hesitate to come back asking if you need.

Thank you very much! works perfekt.
with the same approach i made object in the middle of the world rotate 360° in loop.
then i attached the player pawn to fly around the level with the rotation of the object.
Now i want that the focus of my pawn is in the center of the world, but i still would like to look around.
I think somethin like the SetFocus function, but it works only for AI right?