Move player pawn along a path?

Hi, I am looking into how to get movement along a path for a 2.5d game, similar to how the game Inside plays. The camera should always be looking at the players profile but the path the character takes isn’t just one axis.

I have got something working using a spline in the level and it looks decent enough, but thinking ahead it seems a headache if I have to blend between actions, like climbing or pushing an object. Does anyone have any simple or commonly used methods for achieving this?


move along spline, search, there is a project that contains few ways of doing that. or content examples got a level with splines.

Thanks but a project on the Unreal marketplace? Most spline stuff I have seen is for npcs or objects rather than the controlled player.

How about this:

An actor with a spline and a camera. The camera respects player’s position, their velocity but also tries to follow a spline. The blue marker indicates the interpolation result.

Exposed parameters can be adjusted when the player enters / leaves collision volumes. You can have multiple splines. And splines do not need to be static:

Worth exploring? The crude example definitely needs more work…

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Wow thanks for taking the time to do that! Maybe I didn’t explain well enough what I mean on the axis, BUT thats really useful for the camera when I get to that!

Instead of the Z I meant the character can take the X and Y on the spline, so the character can move along a curved road for instance with the camera maintaining its relationship to the character as it would round a corner. My current set up for the character is very similar to the camera in your example.

Would you not foresee problems when it comes to blending a characters movement along multiple splines, or blending between running on a spline and then pushing an object?