Move player from A->B at constant rate


I have a player controller. I would like him to move to a specified location at a constant rate.

If I get his current location, then the location where the player clicks, and use ‘Set Actor Location’, any form of interpolation (usually ‘Lerp (Vector)’) results in a non-constant rate of movement such as gradual easing out at the end of the transition - which is expected with this setup, so how do I set it up so that this doesn’t occur?

As an example, if the character is set to move at a rate that covers 300 cm each second, his speed should never change unless I modify a variable directly or he stops moving.

One of the methods I tried is attached below (taken from here). Unfortunately this didn’t work for the OP of the thread in question or myself. The speed is always significantly faster over larger distances and keeps resetting the actor’s position and pretty much ‘doesn’t work’.


Are you looking for something like this?

Can you explain what you’re referring to? What I’m doing doesn’t have anything to do with AI nor does it use an AI Controller.

Also for future reference just dropping a video so the person asking the question has to watch it just to find out what the content is isn’t very practical.

if “simple move to” and other functions related didn’t work (as said in your other thread) and you tried the different solutions (i think about this one : then maybe timeline maybe a solution but you’ll need to set different timelines to have a “range of movement” (as timeline is a time then you have a time, a distance, so it set the speed) by switching different timelines you’ll can have a “like” same speed. (Yes boring but if there is no other decent solution, at least you’ll have something working.)


I made a new thread because the question is different, but if I had thought about it the solution is probably the same. Sorry.

Anyway, I think the Timeline solution actually did work but some old code was interfering and I had no idea, starting from scratch showed me that.

For now things are working, still got a bunch of stuff to add so time will tell if it suffices. Will update this thread if for some reason it’s inadequate.


Could also try this, if I can plug my own (free) plugin for a moment:!