Move pawn to random location


The value of “InitialLocation” changes to what it needs to be and so does “NewLocation”, but when the timer hits 0 nothing happenes and the cube remains at the same place.

Fixed the problem, switched from “Pawn” to “Character” when creating a new blueprint.
Now there is a new problem, when a new destination is determined the character doesn’t always move there.

This is how the blueprint looks like now

Hello 1User12,

Connect an Get Controller node to the Controller input of simpleMoveToLocation.
Also did you place the NavmeshBoundsVolume in your level?

When I do this

It says I am not allowed to do that, and yes I do have a NavMeshBoundsVolume.

Event BeginPlay is executed only one time (inBeginPlay), if you in-game change NewLocation nothing will occur… You need set your SimpleMoveToLocation in EventTick with a branch to active/deactivate movement.


I already solved it and edited the post, it wasn’t the execution
“Fixed the problem, switched from “Pawn” to “Character” when creating a new blueprint.”

There is a new issue at the bottom of the main post, thank you for trying to help though

The execution pin coming out of the AI move to node is your problem. It works a bit like the Timeline node if you’re familiar with that. The top pin is the Update pin, basically a line of execution to occur while moving. The On Success pin is what happens if the AI gets to the target location successfully and the On Failed pin is executed if the AI cannot reach its location (mesh in the way, for instance).

Another potential issue here is the retriggerable delay. Because you’re outputting from the update execution pin, this is getting retriggered a bunch. It would be better to add a regular delay after the Success/Fail pin, then feed your execution back around to setting location and moving.

Is this it?

Looks like it from what I can see.