Move pawn to other place


I defaultly posess the pawn set in the GameMode settings. I want this same pawn to move on the map in straight line (no avoidance) to the next point.

I put down a navmesh, and set up ai, but the instance I defaultly posess at the start not moving to aywhere, but if I spawn or place other ones, they do the job.

I think this is due controller conflict. At the beginning I posessed the pawn defaultly, as the GameMode do it. So, doeasn matter what I set, the AI can’t posess this one.

ISo how I need to do this. I want to click to an actor, and I want this pawn to move there.

Hey there, i’m Not on PC right now, but There is a Node in your pawn spawndefaultcontroller. Call this and Feed the Output Into the posess Node. Why this happens? Because when you Set it in gamemmode as Default pawn, you automatically posess it when IT IS created on gamestart with your playercontroller, Not the ai. And a pawn can only be posessed by one Controller at a time.

If it still does Not Work Post how you ve Setup ai