Move Particles with mesh.

Hello, I have a Bottle with a particle system at the tip of the bottle. I can pickup this bottle ingame and move it around and rotate it. What i want is for the particle system play where ever the tip of the bottle is pointing. So for an example, Right now if i go ingame and pickup the bottle its pointing up so the particles shoot up in the air. But if i turn the bottle 90% the particles still shoot up in there air. How can i make it rotate with the bottle. I he particles pinned to the bottle in a blueprint and it stays where it should its just not playing how it should. How can i make it work?

Use sockets

What do you mean?. I have only used sockets on skeletal meshes could you explain how to do it.?

It’s not behaviour I get by default.
Have you parented particle system to your bottle?

Here you’ll find all what you need to use socket on static meshes :

And as Zeorb said if you parent your particle, it would stay close to it when you move.

Yes i have it parented in my blueprint. The particle sysem does not rotate when the mesh does it stays in the area it was placed.

Here is a video i made to explain a bit better.

But no matter which way the mesh is facing the particles play in the same way i want them to rotate too.

You need to make them emit in local space, currently emitting in world space, which is why it always goes one way. In local space you can make it go down a specific axis.

Try to set Screen Alignment in Required tab to PSA_Velocity

Thanks that worked.