Move object with constant speed

Did you consider the delta time in eventTick when you’re applying the movement? It’s necessary to get a smooth movement.

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In the level I have a balloon which I set a track of targets for, so that the balloon should be moving by the “checkpoint targets”. The script actually works perfectly, but the thing is that with the Move Component To node, I can set the speed in which the balloon should get from previous target to the next, making its speed vary in relation to how long is the distance between checkpoints. That’s not what I want, since the balloon should be moving with the same speed all the time.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?


Since Speed = Distance / Time, Time = Distance / Speed.

This worked for me.

Side note: as far as I can tell, “Target Relative Location” is not relative, it’s world.

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Yes, this works like a charm! Now my balloon doesn’t speed up or hit the breaks randomly when the target changes. : DD Thank you very much!