Move object to another level

I’ve looked on right click menu on selected static mesh,that is assigned to the wrong level, stuff happens in the complex sometimes thought process of design, but I see no way to do this. Deleting them would fix it, but then I lose work of placement for lining things up.

Ideas ?

You can just copy an object and then open your other map and paste it there.

AH , glad it was simple, glad I was able to save a lot of time , thinking there was some context menu for this but this works!
TY so much.

My 2 cents.
you loose (or risk loosing) some stuff with a copy paste.

depending, you may want to load the 2 levels alongside a temporary persistent level and move the parts via the Levels tab in order to preserve everything.

Copy-Paste working great, good to know tab option exists, still think object context menu would have been a lot easier,ty for input.