Move object between two locations?

How can I get an object to consistently move from world point A to world point B? It isn’t AI so it doesn’t utilize Navigation. I tried using the Interp To Movement component but didn’t get the wanted results.

Basically I have a third person character with a gun. I want a hitscan projectile actor to go from the gun’s world location to the hit from a linetrace coming from the camera. I already have these two vectors obtainable in my project. How can I, after spawning the projectile actor, make it go from the gun to the hit location? I feel like it is so simple I may be overthinking this but nothing I do yields the wanted result.

Setup an actor with a projectile movement component. Then find a vector between point A and B to get the rotation to use when spawning the projectile at point A. Then you can set the speed you want in the projectile movement component. The projectile will now move between point A and point B.

Thank you for the reply. For the vector, I find the unit vector between the points and use it as the directional velocity? I’ve done that and achieved very close to what I am looking for, so thank you a lot for that. Only issue I’ve noticed with this way of doing it is the unit vector needs to be multiplied by the same value you set for the initial speed of the projectile, otherwise the projectile acts very strange.