Move in an arc?

I would like to move an actor from one position to another, but in an arc or rainbow using a timeline or matinee. I need different lengths and degrees. So basically actor is looking one direction, then set a angle and length to move along in an arc so actor is facing the new direction. Any thoughts?

Kind of like moving along a track from one point to another. Just extra explanation.

Hey, I’ve been planning on doing this myself but haven’t explored it yet. My planned approach was to try setting the player’s position with a vector length. Eg. Get vector length from player to point A, then as the player moves, say in the X Axis and/or Y axis, you might be able to adjust the z axis until the player matches the original vector length. Hope that makes sense. I don’t know if that will work but its how I would attempt it.

Otherwise I’m sure there is a math formula for it.

If you or anyone else knows a better way I’d love to hear about it too.

You want to move an actor along a path from point A to B which is NOT a straight line correct? In order to do this you need to know the math function that most closely matches this path. Then using this function you can set the position and rotation accordingly.

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Would a matinee curve work? I want the actor to move say, 10 ticks forward and 10 ticks left in one bank turn arc action. But after actor gets to that position, set a different path and have a different matinee move the actor from there to different location. Similar to like a chess game where moves are made by the player at random and pawn moves along predetermined path lengths on a button press. But I need this effect in a open world scenario. Not sure how to go about this.

I don’t have any experience with Matinee so I have no idea. I need to know more specifics about what you’re trying to do. A picture or drawing would be great. Could you whip something up in paint and post it on here?

I apologize I’m about to go to bed but I will check in after I wake up. Thanks.

If you use spline ( like the ones you can find in blueprint_spline map in content example), you can do something like this.

Edit : As this one works better i removed first pic. I used a mixamo character and i am not sure that it will works with another character but if you base your set up on it, it would work. If not, the idea i would try would be to use character info in a fake pawn, set character hidden / no collision / show fake pawn, do the move with camera, set character location to end point and inverse visibilities.

To say that i have a weird with this blueaprint now which was working and no more so if you have issue, you are not alone, and can’t figure what i did for now.

Edit : i figured it : Beware to not forget to check your spline. I add to re do it.

Ok I will try to make that blueprint tonight. I will also try to draw something up as a diagram of what I need.

So I have my desired effect using matinee. The problem is the matinee only plays from where you set it in the world. Is there a way to change location of matinee start point after it plays? So after it plays and moves the actor, can I set it somewhere else to play the same movement?