Move from Unity to Unreal

I was seriously considering it, I just signed up but I don’t want the Epic Games launcher, how can I work around this?

thanks in advance

You can’t really avoid it, but I think if you build UE4 from source and there’s a way to disable the launcher coming up when starting from that build

Without launcher you won’t get anything from the Marketplace

Just first install the UE4 version of your choice eg 4.23 and then move the launcher somewhere else. Now when you double click on the uproject file, it will prompt you for the application to open (default to launcher), so this time just select UE4 Editor.

Btw I dont think the launcher should be the #1 factor preventing you from adopting UE4…

Or you can compile Unreal Editor from sources.

But I’m wondered, why you don’t want to have UE Launcher?
For example Linux hasn’t UE Launcher and Marketplace, but a lot of users want to have them and did some half-working workaround ;-(