Move foliage from one level to another

is it possible to move foliage from one level to another?



Right now it’s impossible. Foliage has to be painted on something (landscape, static mesh) and that base is saved inside foliage to support cases where you move base mesh and foliage follow it. So base and foliage have to be in one level.

But if I delete base foliage still exist.

I just checked in the editor,
When foliage is painted on a landscape or static mesh, it goes away with deleted base. But still exists when painted on BSP. Looks like bug :slight_smile:

Exactly :slight_smile: I tested it on BSP.

Hi there, are there any new insights on this one? we are on 4.7 and i need to move foliage but it still disappears when moving it to another level.

anyone got a solution for this? im experiencing the same issue and I really don’t feel like painted the whole map again… pleaaaassse guys !

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