Move first person camera location in shooter template?

How can I move where the first person camera is located in the shooter? I have tried moving the head and spine bones but they dont work, how can I fix this. I am trying to fix the issue where the gun is not centred on the right side of the screen, causing the bullets to go above where the barrel is pointing. Thanks!

I’m not sure how to activate it when the game starts but use a “Add Local offset” action within your player controller.

  1. More Specifically: Click the Mesh1p variable and drag it into the blueprint.
  2. When the context menu pops up hit “Get”.
  3. Drag an arrow from the Mesh1p Variable and release in a blank area.
  4. Type “Add Local Offset” in the search.
  5. Click “Add Local Offset”

Then mess with the delta location part until you find a good placement for your model.