Move Exisiting Project from Unity to UE. what needs to be changed and how is Floating Origin and Multiple layered Cameras working in UE

hi everyone :slight_smile:

we are a small team that are developing a kind of Spacegame/TD/RTS. in the last one year we worked with Unity and now we come got stucked at a point were we decided to switch to a different engine. the reason for changing is that, with our approach we got stucked with the particle System and some corresponding strange behaviours. Everyone of us has good C++ skills and are open minded :slight_smile: and here are my questions what we have to take care of and what needs to be changed in the mechanics. currently we have this Architecture:

  • Floating Jitter → we use a floating Origin approach where we move the scene back to 0 after a given threshold (here we get the problems with Particles and so on)
  • far distances (asteriodfields, Stations, Planets and so on) → we have created a multiscale Scene. in the localspace we are moving all with (normal) scale around. if an objects gets more far away from the Camera of the current scale it will be put on the next Scale Stage. this stage has an scale of 100 (example). so every object is scaled down by 100 and translated by a 1/100. the Camera of this stage is also only moved 1/100 from the one in the lower scale.
    every Scale has an own stage and Layer and only this layer is rendered with this cam. Order is from far to near.
    with this we can look far far into our space :slight_smile: (every Scale Space can use Floating origin).

i have tried to find an answer if UE will provide us with the same posibillity and i found a blueprint “Set World Origin Location” that sounds like it will do the floating Origin shift “automaticly”. is this correct? does it work well with particles/Physix?

the second one is that i found no answer if our Scale Space multi Camera approach will work in UE or if it is even possible to do this? if not, are there other Solutions that could fit to our problem?

thank you in advance,