Move engine to new computer.

Can I move the already downloaded engine to another computer?
And have it work with the Launcher like nothing ever happened?

Also, I have some content I would like to move also. (The computer is the same OS as the computer I’m using.)

Yes, I only downloaded the launcher then pasted the content I already had from another machine; worked just fine for me.
The engine simply asked “Register this directory as an Engine installation?” – I clicked ‘yes’ and it was all.

It doesn’t do that for me…

Take the engine and and download the launcher on the new pc.

Click on update or install engine version

Where the engine that you shipped belongs place it and then download over the same one.

It will auto commence a complete a setup cause files are alreay there.

Then it will register everything.

Easy and smart.

If that does not work MS-DOS the new version via donwload? :smiley:

Thanks man!