Move "enemy" smoothly to right direction and distance after impact

Hi, all you smart people out there,

First, I am pretty new with blueprinting. Second, please help me with my issue which I am facing a few days already and can’t find right answer anywhere :(…

How can I get smooth transitioning from enemy between points A and B after hitting it depending on which direction (currently using arrow component inside my character’s blueprint to evaluate that) I am facing as well using variable to tell what distance “enemy” should move to that direction. Tried using “Lerp” as well as “vinterp to” nodes, but can’t get them moving to right direction :confused: Any suggestions?

Have you tried this already? Take your arrow component, get the forward vector, multiply it by the number of units to move the actor, then use “Move Component To” to move the actor. Use the capsule component for the enemy and plug it into the “Component” pin of “Move Component To”. Then, check the “Ease Out” box, and change “Over time” to your liking. Plug in the actor’s existing relative rotation if you don’t want it to rotate. Should work, but I haven’t built anything to test it.

Ideally, you’d have an RPC on the enemy unit that you simply pass the new location into and fire it off upon hitting them.

I literally find an answer before you posted, but still thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t added “+” sign which I didn’t know was required to do proper calculations, LOL. :rolleyes: