Move cursor/scroll UMG TextBox

Is there any way of moving where the cursor in a TextBox currently is (using either Blueprint or C++)? In my game we simulate a character typing some stuff into a text input but the text gets cut off when it gets longer than the width of the widget instead of scrolling to the end. I’ve dug through the source and SEditableTextLayout::GoTo seems like the function I want but it’s a protected variable inside the SEditableText (which is itself a protected variable of SEditableTextBox). Can this be done in editor or am I going to have to make my own custom UEditableTextBox class with this functionality exposed?

SMultiLineEditableText exposes that function, but SEditableText doesn’t.

There’s no good reason for this (other than historically because SEditableText is older and didn’t originally use a text layout). I’ll get those exposed to the single-line version for 4.17.