Move Component To with scale?

Is there any way to achieve functionality of the Move Component To with scaling?

It seems to be quite a big omission considering that it has both rotation and position.

If it’s not possible to achieve it easily within the blueprint - anyone can suggest an alternative to how to move the object between point A and point B with easing and scaling?

Not sure exactly but 2 nodes that sound like they would be of relevance to you is the Timeline Node, Transform Lerp and “Make Transform”. “Make Transform” gives you the ability to manipulate scaling in the way you do rotation and location. Lerp allows you to shift between two transforms using an “alpha” which is a 0 through 1.0 float number. The timeline node is like a mini sequencer that you can use to drive the motion between the two transform coordinates.

I think you could replicate this setup pretty easily with a timeline. With a float track from 0 to 1, you can use the output as the input for a LERP for location, rotation and scale. You can use the handles in the float track points to replicate the ease in and ease out.

^^^ that is what I was thinking. Use a “Set World Transform” node as the final node you plug it all into.