Move Component To Not Working in c++

I am trying to implement a simple move component to function in the tick function of my character. Below is my code,

	TEnumAsByte<EMoveComponentAction::Type> enumVal = EMoveComponentAction::Move;
	FLatentActionInfo ActionInfo1;
`       `FRotator TargetRotation = FRotator(0);
	FVector TargetLocation = FVector(100, 0, 0);
UKismetSystemLibrary::MoveComponentTo(GetCapsuleComponent(), TargetLocation, TargetRotation, false, false, 0.2f, false, enumVal, ActionInfo1);

Given the above code, i would expect my character to move forward at a constant pace but nothing is happening at all. Would be grateful if someone can point out my mistake. Thank you.

That function is not meant to be used on the tick, since it is already a latent function.
You may want to use one of the following:

Thanks For Replying! Just for clarification, is that not meant to be used in c++ and blueprint tick all together? or not meant for c++ tick only?

I recommend you to check out how latent functions work, two examples you could check to have similar behaviour is plug a delay and a retriggerable delay node on tick to see what would happen. They are not meant to be used on C++ neither on BP’s tick (they are the same thing without entering in details), but you can always do a Do Once node, or program a logic gate on C++. They can be used everywhere but you need to understand how it works.