Move component to never reaches target location

simply, when using move component to the object never reaches the target and the completed exit node never fires.
I’ve checked the object transform and found out it moves slower and slower, for example if I want to move from 0 to 100, it goes 1, 2, 3, … , 99, 99.1, 99.2, and keep adding up but never reaches 100

Can you show the code?

I found out if I connected it in any way to event tick this bug happen. I switched to call function and it works properly now!

I’m new to UE4 BP so don’t mind me.
I have a question, why this happens? if connected to the event tick it bugs out!

Move component to, does the whole operation on it’s own with one call. You don’t need to connect it to tick, because that way, you’re calling it every frame!

The connection to the tick was for the branch, I toggle the bool when I need to move the object.

Yes, but it’s still on tick. Unless you set the bool for 1 frame and then unset it again :wink:

You can do what you’re thinking of like this: