Move Component to Deactivates Collision

Hi everyone. I am using the “move component to” node to move the 3rd person character Capsule 400 units forward when i press a button. It works fine but the problem is it passes through objects (i suppose the collision is deactivated in order to move the object to the specified point)

So i made a new collision box component (set it to overlap all, and generate overlap events) and connected the “on component begin overlap event (box)” node to the stop input of the “move component” node. It works fine as long as the box is not overlaping from the start, but if the collision box is overlaping anything, for example when the character is facing a wall, it passes thorugh it.

My question is: Is there a way to make the object have collision when being moved form one point to another? (using the “move component to” node)

And Why is the overlap event not working if the box is actually being overlaped? which is odd, if i make the box to overlap the character or the capsule component, then the object never moves.

Thnx for your time, best regards!

Could pls someone answer that question^^ I have the same problem

I’m not sure on all of this, but maybe it will help.

First off, I’d make sure you’re moving your character’s capsule component and that it’s the root, so that it’ll take everything along with it.

Then… i dunno. I’m not sure it’s meant for movement logic. It might just be for taking things from 2 points with no stops along the way - no trace logic or anything. Like if I wanted an enemy to move from point A to point B, i’d make sure i had Nav Mesh Bounds set, and use AI Move To. If it was my main character, i’d use the character movement.

If there are overlap events that trigger when your character is moved through something because of the Move Component To node, they will fire, but I’m not sure if there’s some sort of way to STOP the character from completing the Move Component To movement - i’d assume the overlap events would fire after the character completed moving.

Not sure on that but i hope it helps. :slight_smile:

I was trying to implement a dash move in to a 3rd person character. The capsule was driving the movement and the root bone was at 0. It worked well except for the collision, so i used a root motion animation instead and worked great, now i have the translation with animation and it stops as soon as hits anything with collision.

In the end the “move component to” and “set actor location” nodes are used for different puproses i guess, but it wuould be super awsome if epic give the option to detect collisions or not during the translation, culd be useful in several kind of ways.

Thank you for your response!

No worries! Glad you got it working. That’s kind of how my growth has been with UE4. I push push push, hit a roadblock. Try to fix it about a hundred times. Give up. Start to document it. Usually I fix it myself in the documentation because I’m going through all the steps again. Post it up, move onto something else or step away and go back to it.

Rinse. Repeat. This awesome community can be a lifesaver! :slight_smile: