Move character with swipes.

I have Swiping Left or Right being detected from an old post from a ue4 dev i found. I’m trying to update a side scrolling characters movement to that. For some reason when i swipe either direction the character goes in that direction. But the character is only moving like 1 frame in that direction each swipe. Does anyone know how to make it move more?

Here is the blueprint.

That’s a bit of a nightmare graph :-/

Wouldn’t it be easier to just detect the swipe and use SimpleMoveToLocation and specify a point near to the player?

EDIT: Ah, you want the player to continue moving until they end swipe?

It’s to DoOnce that’s killing the movement. When they start to swipe, start feeding the vector to the movement nodes, and don’t stop until they end swiping. So the bool is already doing the trick, you don’t need DoOnce.

Thanks i can’t belive i didn’t notice that lol thank you