Move character use HMD

The rootmotion of vive version.add hmd collision.Support the stairs, falling, and other features.this blueprint can avoid wearing wall in fps game.Based on the modified official FirstPersonCharacter blueprint.

Is this legit?

I am wary of incoherently squiggly lines and zip files made of them…

This baidu failed, needs login or something like that.
I have uploaded to the dropbox again

I have uploaded to the dropbox again

very nice! thanks

Hey, can you explain a bit more on how these blueprints and the avatar with the Headset work?
I am trying to get mypawn character to move along with the headset with no luck. The only thing that I achieved it to have my controllers part of my headset position so when I move my hands physically then they appear in vr. Also, when I rotate my head physically it rotates in vr space.
So, I am struggling a lot with the full body movement - or at least my character to follow my headset … and I was hoping if you could help me on that :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Hey @kele do you have any more information on the HMD, camera and character movement in VR?